Pokerstars Sunday Million

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WBCOOP $5000 First Prize ???

That's a lot of dough, what would i do with $5000? How about Tim Tebow's Pants !! so i googled this, and you could actually buy them, i thought well, i could get them, but then again, i could probably do much better things with this cash (link to Tebows pants in case your interested?

So this got me thinking , $5000 Dollaringies!! As a micro stakes player on stars i am waiting for my big cash, well my first four figure cash, so i can up my game and play with the Red Spade Gang not to be confused with that 70's kids tv show The Red Hand Gang. I thought my first four figure score was gonna happen for me at a $2, 12k turbo on stars recently, but my full house ran into Quads and out in 7th i went. But that was out of 10300 players, pretty good going and $400 to boot, so i was quite happy, but still that illusive four figure score as not worked out as planned.

So lets take the PCA or EPT, wow what if i won the $5000 dollars and brought me some of that kind of action, oh yes this is it, $5000 would get me shoulder to shoulder with that sort of company. Imagine me at The final table in the Bahamas with 8 other Pokerstars pros. I mean if i can get to 7th out of 10300 players and at this years PCA there was 1072 thats 10% .....Easy Money.

Oh i forgot now when i get to the Bahamas, i got to find me a roulette table because $5000 that gets me half the buy in to the Main Event, I could try and satty in, but that sound like hard work. How about i just walk over and move $5000 in a cool fashion from Red to Black every second untill i hear the words No more bets and thats where it stays. This could quite possibly be the longest and loudest roulette spin ever and a chance to buy in to the Main Event.

Im here the PCA...Why because i won the $5000 dollars for this blog in the WBCOOP Competition!!!!

Back to the Roulette table !!

Ok i go for it. I mean if this comes in i gotta find me $300 and i am there my friends, yes indeed. If it goes against me, oh well that's just the way it is. But Stop, wait its on my colour i picked, its there, OMG......I did it Whoooo hoooo, where is my application form im gonna Play The Pokerstar Caribbean Adventure!!!

Ok lets fast forward the final table has just been confirmed i am there and we just got our seat draws and its me (the big stack with 75% of the chips in play) and 6 Red Spade Pros. The Red Spade gang are saying, who's the big stack (oh now i dream) Fortunately i have Liv Boeree on my Right and Vanessa Rousso on my left and they smell lovely, so i defo have the best seat tomorrow and they are luckily the two short stacks at the table, so sorry girls, a proper thorn between two roses, Oh wait that's wrong, well nevermind. Also on this Table are Chris Moneymaker who's name is quite cool, but im surprised he changed his name to that. I would have called myself Chris Chipraker , i think that's way cooler. some guy called Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, a new guy on the scene, who also is like me and plays Micro stakes. The next guy i do actually worry about. He is 2nd behind me in chips and called Johannes Straussmann. Now this guy has made the last 250 EPT Main event final tables, so i think he knows how to play. And Finally a guy called Dale Phillip , whom i give a few tips on blogging. He said he has a blog site also, and after reading my winning blog that got me here he was impressed and asked how i did it. I gave him some hints tips and suggestions but not my best ideas.

Only 7 of us you say at the PCA Final table, oh yes thats because i took out two guys in one hand and that got us to the final table. I had 2 7 off and was in the big blind, under the gun plus 3 Phil Helmuth pushed all in for his last 2 million chips, in the small blind was Randy Lew, i dont think he was concentrating because he had about 35 mobile phones in front of him playing the new Pokerstars App, and was trying to break some kind of world Record and just said call, i dont think he was looking at his cards. Well with me with my favourite hand, i was going nowhere and i had them both covered so i called. We had a lot of cheers and here we go the final table beckons....We turn over, AA For Helmuth and 6 3 of clubs for Lew, i knew he was not concentrating with those cards showing ha ha...

Helmuth looked happy, ok he had Aces and they are good cards to have i understand. The flop comes down A 3 4, Helmuth was looking happy and Lew was still fiddling with his Mobile Pokerstars Apps to notice he hit a 3. The turn was a 5,this was a good card for me i reckon, my plan was coming together. Liv Boeree and Moneymaker both popped up and said "they had a 6" Hellmuth was positively glowing, whilst i had to work out some maths here and wanted to know how many outs i had, i asked Randy if i could use a calculator on one of his mobiles and he said no, man the guy had 35 mobile phones on him. I knew i needed a 6 that's all and i was there the final table of the PCA.

The river came the 6 of clubs....OMG I cannot believe it i hit a straight , Lew was out before the turn and the bleeper guy was working overtime for pokerstars tv due to Helmuth's reaction, i said " i aint folding 2 7 off " ,and he said "idiot guys from Northern Europe" or something like that. I did not care Boeree and Rousso kissed me, and i had to push Dale Phillips face away when he tried to kiss me, i know he was happy and a really nice guy but i draw the line.

Interviews, photos and the signing of autographs was the next things to happen i could not actually believe my $5000 dollars i won on pokerstars for my WBCOOP Blog would come down to this.
There was some commotion in the background but i think that was Security and that Hellmuth Guy.

Ok thats it for now ill post what happens on the final table soon. So please come back and good luck at the tables.

Im off to read this book i got given today by some guy i knocked out when again my 2 7 off held up against his pocket jacks. He signed it from Barry someone, i cant quite read it, but it will help me sleep im sure.

Till next time.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I seem to be improving, blimey all this book reading,poker playing and analysing is paying off, or so it would seem. I have had a very good September and lately seem to be cashing a lot. So hopefully this will continue and one day i may get that 4 figure score i so crave , so i can up my game and get in with some bigger fish.

Here is my latest cashes courtesy of Pocketfives-

$2.20 NL Hold'em [Turbo, $12K Guaranteed]PokerStarsSep 27th, 2011 1:45 PM$ 14,990.00$ 2106$ 13.497.46
$11 NL Hold'em [Turbo, $10K Guaranteed]PokerStarsSep 23rd, 2011 5:45 PM$ 24,280.00$ 11125$ 33.998.60
$2.20 NL Hold'em [Turbo, $12K Guaranteed]PokerStarsSep 21st, 2011 1:45 PM$ 15,704.00$ 2165$ 8.485.85
$5.50 NL Hold'em [Turbo, $20K Guaranteed]PokerStarsSep 18th, 2011 3:00 PM$ 27,070.00$ 5614$ 8.663.49
$11 Sunday Storm [$200K Guaranteed]PokerStarsSep 18th, 2011 1:30 PM$ 309,040.00$ 11484$ 95.8013.62
$5.50 NL Hold'em [Turbo, $20K Guaranteed]PokerStarsSep 11th, 2011 3:00 PM$ 28,480.00$ 5395$ 11.104.67

WCOOP Downer

Due to work and holiday i was unable to try and qualify for many wcoop events and subsequently drew a blank and eventually did not play in any. This is a problem if you are a micro stakes player such as myself, because you are competing in so many big fields for a ticket.

So with the WCOOP being for me a wash out, roll on WBCOOP and eventually my favourite the SCOOP, a micro stakes dream in which to score a big figure win. Bring it on !!!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Micro MTT Cashes!!

Things are defo on the up, my reading of pocketfives hand advice, my studying the net, books, other blogs and i seem to be reeping some rewards. Firstly let me say, not big rewards but something. and at the end of it cash, some dollaringies for my troubles, every little helps.

My blog is still very brand new and i am still wandering which places to put it so it can get seen, and helpful advice can come my way in what direction it goes, so it can be read and liked or disliked or whatever. There must be a lot of players out there like me. Playing now online for around two years. learning the game, railing the best online players on the planet, watching the you tube uploads of the wsop main event and laughing at Norman Chad's comments like wamboozled and his unhappy marriages..... i digress , but also dreaming of a big score. And the biggest score i can get is a Five figure but would love a four figure score. Both are dreamland but also a reality if you work and study your game.

Without further ado my results in my last two MTT'S both on Pokerstars.

$2.20 NLHE Turbo $12k Runners 11119 finished 191 winnings $11.11

$5.50 NLHE Turbo $20k Runners 6702 finished 841 winnings $ 8.37

Getting Better or just lucky???

Good luck at the tables

Monday, 10 January 2011

2nd Sunday in January!!!!

Ok so how did i do, sattied into Full Tilt Double deuce with ftp's, sattied into Pokerstars Sunday Quarter and entered the daily 40k , $5.50 nlh Turbo 20k and the $3.30 rebuy 60k all on stars.

Did not cash in Daily 40 k or the rebuy but had good well sort of good runs in the others.

$5.50 Turbo runners 8594 finished 1087 winnings $8.16

Sunday Quarter runners 37060 finished 4728 winnings $14 .82

FT Double Deuce runners 12043 finished 396 winnings $67

In all feel i am improving and seem to be getting better results on Full Tilt!!!

Good luck at the tables!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year , New Me!!!

Right this is it 2011!!! I have decided this is the year i up my game, dont get tilted by bad play , just concentrate and make a deep run. I have read Harrington on hold-em and through pocketfives hand advice and more study of hands, this is hopefully the year i make my four figure breakthrough!!!

The tourneys i am hitting are from £2 to $5 buy ins mainly MTT and of course the regular venture into the Sunday quarter Mill and Daily 80K Special on Stars are now a regular trip all be it lately very short. I am not gonna moan (well not too much) but most of the time i am just unlucky. A few things i have learnt, which most will probably know!!

Never use any more than 5% of your bank roll and always when you Busto!!! never regret the hand you played..... yeah i would do that again!!!

This year i am sticking with this plan!!!!

Good luck at the tables guys.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tournament Torment!!!!

Ok, when you are an up and coming player, you have to play tournaments at small buy- ins or even if your like me qualify for tourneys like the Sunday Quarter million. Even though i play a tight game with varience and a game plan, you always come up against some absolute half-wits who aint got a clue......I am getting extremely frustrated and wonder if ill ever get a big score at this game, with players who aint got a clue pulling off miracles, well i guess thats poker and if you are gonna learn at this why not do it the hard way.

Ok so my blog wil give a detailed account of all tournaments i enter and how i do!!

Starting with tonights Sunday Quarter Million on Stars( oh Stars why dont you like me) I have always thought that Pokerstars does not like me and likes to have me out of there before the money. Guess we all feel that occasionally, some more than others!! Me lately i must have done something well wrong because they love to give me bad beats. Lets hope that changes!!

So therefore here are details of my tournaments and each tourney i enter i will let you know if i Cash or Crash!!!

Sunday 20th June 2010

Tourney Sunday Quarter Million on Pokerstars

Well after an hour and a half of dealer dribble i got KK and no takers , just my luck all i did was min raise and everyone thought he aint done nowt for an hour and a half and they all folded around me....the plus's of having jack all game and keen watchers of the table spotting my move....damn!!!
i doubled up with 77 so was feeling better and thought my tourney life was going to change.....Then Pocket aces yes....Here we go ....Come to daddy!!!!

One guy min raised about four seats ahead of me and next to him an all in.... i thought yes a taker...then the next guy to him went all in also!!!! i was thinking oh no i know whats going to happen here!!!! I then went all in with 5900 chips (What else was i supposed to do) I knew however with the min raiser also going all in this was going to be a tight one. Ok ....deep breaths ill be ok. Min raiser showed A9 Off and the guy next to that guy JJ and the other a flop came 10 5 9 followed by a 7 then the inevitable 9 to give joker boy or girl a set of nines.


What can you do playing against people who cannot play and thrive on luck...i know we all need Luck but....well with play like that i am never going to get that score i so deserve!!!!

oh and heres a great blog link

Poker Wonks Blog Community