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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tournament Torment!!!!

Ok, when you are an up and coming player, you have to play tournaments at small buy- ins or even if your like me qualify for tourneys like the Sunday Quarter million. Even though i play a tight game with varience and a game plan, you always come up against some absolute half-wits who aint got a clue......I am getting extremely frustrated and wonder if ill ever get a big score at this game, with players who aint got a clue pulling off miracles, well i guess thats poker and if you are gonna learn at this why not do it the hard way.

Ok so my blog wil give a detailed account of all tournaments i enter and how i do!!

Starting with tonights Sunday Quarter Million on Stars( oh Stars why dont you like me) I have always thought that Pokerstars does not like me and likes to have me out of there before the money. Guess we all feel that occasionally, some more than others!! Me lately i must have done something well wrong because they love to give me bad beats. Lets hope that changes!!

So therefore here are details of my tournaments and each tourney i enter i will let you know if i Cash or Crash!!!

Sunday 20th June 2010

Tourney Sunday Quarter Million on Pokerstars

Well after an hour and a half of dealer dribble i got KK and no takers , just my luck all i did was min raise and everyone thought he aint done nowt for an hour and a half and they all folded around me....the plus's of having jack all game and keen watchers of the table spotting my move....damn!!!
i doubled up with 77 so was feeling better and thought my tourney life was going to change.....Then Pocket aces yes....Here we go ....Come to daddy!!!!

One guy min raised about four seats ahead of me and next to him an all in.... i thought yes a taker...then the next guy to him went all in also!!!! i was thinking oh no i know whats going to happen here!!!! I then went all in with 5900 chips (What else was i supposed to do) I knew however with the min raiser also going all in this was going to be a tight one. Ok ....deep breaths ill be ok. Min raiser showed A9 Off and the guy next to that guy JJ and the other a flop came 10 5 9 followed by a 7 then the inevitable 9 to give joker boy or girl a set of nines.


What can you do playing against people who cannot play and thrive on luck...i know we all need Luck but....well with play like that i am never going to get that score i so deserve!!!!

oh and heres a great blog link

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