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Monday, 26 April 2010

An Introduction!!!

Hi everyone i am slinky252 an online poker player at pokerstars,this is my first ever blog and what i hope to achieve is a rapid rise in the world of online poker superstardom.Its not going to be easy by any means, but thats my ultimate aim, to compete with the likes of Moorman1,djk123,gboro780,Comandr_Cool,Mr Brizza,THE_D_RY,and the up and coming dean23price watch out for him!!!

I know that's only a hand full of some amazing players out there so my apologies. I mainly play on Pokerstars because i consider this to be the best site with Fantastic promotions and unrivalled customer service, that's just my opinion.

Playing poker now for two years and now i feel i am getting the hang of things especially MTT's . So now is the time to make a few deep runs in these tourneys. I have established this blog to let the world know how i am doing, and to pick up tips along the way, which will always be welcome.

At present i play very small stakes, the tourneys i qualify for are the Sunday quarter million and small mtts mainly the turbos with a buy in of $11. Trouble is at this level i get beat by 7 2 off many times when i have aces. I am striving to catch a break and get a lump sum so i can enter the bigger tourneys. i have only played the Sunday million twice, because i qualify through the $2 shoot outs or £3.30 re buys. not a bad record cashed once for around $300, to date my biggest cash.I am like a lot of players out there hoping to catch a break and help build a fun and decent bank roll. I feel that i am a whisker away from achieving this because i have ran deep in some of the smaller tourneys recently, a sign i must be doing things right. Ill keep you posted to see how i fair from now on.

So hopefully this is the beginning of a successful thread and bring on my first 5 figure cash!!! (we can all dream)

good luck at the tables!!

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